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Gagged, bound and helpless while restrained by devices

Sexy S&M strap-on action

Bound, gagged and helpless - a slave"s dream

Lesbian BDSM with a shocking twist

Gagged, bound and helpless while restrained by devices


* bdsmstories1

Amazing multi-girl bondage and suspensions are in order.

Ball torture Electric torture

A bit of bdsm stories story: During the next few minutes you shave the blond's pubis completely. The young girl whimpers throughout the entire process. You oil every nook and cranny, paying particular attention to her clitoris. You oil the inside lips of her pussy pulling and stretching them wide apart to expose the pink interior. You lay a hand flat on her mound and you feel the heat rising from it. The girl lets out an uncontrollable moan. ..

One of my favorite Bondage artists is COCO. His focus is with strong, bodybuilding type bodies, and hard bondage. This is my first attempt at bringing that style to life within the Hogtied formula. Utah Sweet is an accomplished fitness model and the subject of this week's update.

Electric torture

Bound, helpless, and horny, they beg for orgasms

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Posted: 08:57, 2009-Dec-4

Roxy DeVille gets bound, and forced to orgasm, TIGHT BONDAGE!

Self bondage stories Medieval torture devices

A piece of bdsm stories story: You leave me up there, on the edge of a scream. I strain against the scarves, and thrust my hips forward. I feel your finger between my labia, gently stroking while your mouth slides up my belly. I want to scream but you won't let me do even that. My scream becomes a long, helpless moan. I beg you with my eyes. But you won't listen. Your finger is joined by your thumb. I begin to move my hips to your rhythm. ..

On April 6th Hogtied shot it's first live show. It has been available in streaming format from the Live Shows link. Today we have turned the historic shoot into a downloadable shoot. If somehow you missed this, Amber Rayne was great and suffered beautifully. We did some amazing real time ties, lots of double penetration, and we forced her to cum over and over even when her body thought it could not take anymore.

Medieval torture devices

Hogtied: The sensual world of BDSM. Pictures and video of tight, restrictive bondage. All original, imaginative content. Weekly updates. A huge members area.

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Posted: 02:43, 2009-Dec-4

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Free bondage Gay bondage

Sample of bdsm stories story: The silence in the room is deafening. She drops to the floor fearfully. You've really got it coming now. She cringes in anticipation. Count out loud after each stroke. He strikes. Helpless tears come to her eyes. One! Only after her ass is a region of white-hot fire does he put down the belt. She precedes him into the bathroom, which has a floor to ceiling mirror. She gasps. Surprised? She nods. Room Service Part Two Fetch me my pants, the toothpaste and the butt plug, and be quick about it, he commands. ..

Madison Young returns to Whippedass with Claire Adams as domme in this captivating session. Madison's desire and ability to endure intense pain and bondage is extraordinary. The ropework performed by Claire Adams is creative and effective. In a calm and strict demeanor, Claire dishes out hard punishment including spanking, whipping, caning and a massive amount of clothespins. She is stapon fucked, balls deep, in a suspension and made to fuck herself with a dildo while punished. Madison is then instructed to make her mistress cum and is finally rewarded with an orgasm.

Gay bondage

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Posted: 10:58, 2009-Dec-2

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Bdsm comics Torture techniques

Sample of bdsm stories story: She arranged the wrist cuffs, locks and chain so she would not have too much trouble confining herself once she was blindfolded. He was very concerned that it was completely effective, so it had four adjusting straps. She also had to be careful and not get her long hair caught in the buckle. The second strap went over her head and attached to the first strap, preventing the blindfold from slipping down and admitting light from the top. ..

Cute little Penny Play with pigtails and in school uniform gets put in immobility bondage and dominated by Nikki Nievez. Penny confesses that she loves being slapped around and sexually used by hot women. Nikki dishes out punishment making her slave moan and scream with excitement from pain and pleasure.

Torture techniques

Women slaves submit to powerful dominatrices

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Posted: 07:15, 2009-Dec-2

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Tit bondage Ball torture

Little bdsm stories story: In fact, if the girl weren't leaning back and away, her taut breasts pulling at the strap, the weight would rest on the box. She had good reason to. The pole jutted up from the floor, gleaming metal. It was thick and stretched the lips of her pussy wide. If she slumped forward, relaxing her pose, the weight would drop down onto the box, completing an electrical circuit. If the weight stayed on the box, the current would continue for twenty seconds, stop for twenty seconds, then start again, and so on, until the connection was broken. ..

Moonshine comes back to Chanta's hotel room at BondCon Las Vegas to submit. She endures hard blows to her tits and pussy along with a fierce face slapping. Her pussy and ass are fucked with the strap-on and then she is cleaned up in the hot tub with some head dunking.

Ball torture

Real woman on woman power play


Posted: 04:40, 2009-Dec-2

Huge black titted girl helpless, tighly bound and forced to cum!

Otk spanking Instruments of torture

Sample of bdsm stories story: I must have had a confused look on my face so he explained. Sue was actually wagging her tail at this explanation. 00 but he would sell it wholesale if I threw in stud-fees. I told her that was my decision not hers. I asked what the wholesale price was and he informed me $1575. I told him we would take it. I then gave him my credit card and he left to ring up the sale. After he left Sue was all over me thanking me for being so extravagant with her jewelry and all. ..

These two friends try to find a bathroom in the huge industrial building, unaware that someone else is roaming the halls looking to take advantage of a situation just like this one. What happens when friends are bound and forced to pleasure each other for their tormentor's amusement? How do friends react when forced to lick each other's pussy until orgasm? How do they move on with their normal lives once it is over and they are free? Welcome Alexa Jordan and Sara Faye to this special Hogtied fantasy role play update.

Instruments of torture

Bound, gagged and helpless - a slave"s dream

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Posted: 04:36, 2009-Dec-2

Newbie Hailey cums and cums in spite of herself.

Bondage free Bondage hentai

A bit of bdsm stories story: Her long hair was pulled back and up into a wide gold ring at the top of her head. I had forbidden her to have it cut or trimmed since I had acquired her eight years ago. I thought of our two children and became missy eyed for a moment. It all started with the Nine Steps. My reasons were simple, I moved to San Francisco because I couldn't take Des Moines any longer. I figured, I'm pretty good looking, midnight black hair, smoldering hazel-green eyes, small delicate features, some say my face resembled Rebecca DeMorey. ..

Welcome back Kendra, who has not been on hogtied for at least two years; however, she has been a recurring Domme on Men in Pain. Hence, I thought it would be a good idea to take a prissy Domme down on Hogtied. Kendra is one of those "professional" Dommes that think they are too good to touch their male subs' cocks or make them come, and that just pisses me off. So Mistress Kendra gets an afternoon with me. She also gets my fingers in her, a first for her on video. In this update, we give her a small taste of her own medicine on behalf of all those guys she has Dommed over the years.

Bondage hentai

Writhing in tight bondage a slave"s dream

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Posted: 01:58, 2009-Dec-2

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Latex bondage Nipple bondage

A piece of bdsm stories story: He tied her wrists together very snugly. More rope was passed around her waist and chest. Thus satisfied that she was secure, he walked over to the closet to retrieve another article. She struggled for a moment with no success. Greenfield walked back over to her with a red scarf in his hand. She stopped as he approached. Struggle as much as you like. If you free yourself, then I didn't do my part well enough. ..

Gianna Lynn is a very sexy Asian girl with a mouth watering rack. Hard shackles bind her hands above her head to a wooden post leaving her vulnerable for Mistress Isis to enjoy. Drool streams from her open mouth gag as her tits and ass are punished. Then a huge orgasm takes hold of her helpless body. Later on, she is bound in an back arched position. Isis sits on her face before fucking her and making her cum while suspended. Lastly, in a traditional Japanese box tie, Gianna is fucked in the pussy and ass with a strapon.

Nipple bondage

Watch these pain sluts get spanked, whipped, slapped, worship feet, smothered and forced to lick ass in bondage.

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Posted: 09:38, 2009-Nov-28

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Masochism Sex bondage

Some bdsm stories story: The room was very nicely decorated. The bed looked even bigger than King size, and was covered with a quilted spread that had a pink rose bud design. The curtains also carried the same pattern and the same delicate white lace border. The moment Pam saw it, she knew Mr. There was the traditional French Maid uniform with its tiny skirt and low neck line, but the white, ruffled panties she expected were missing. ..

Jackie Moore is no stranger to the adult industry, However being submissive to the beautiful Mistress Chanta was a completely new thing. Anal strap-on sex finished this session leaving both girls extremely satisfied.

Sex bondage

Genuine power play


Posted: 09:33, 2009-Nov-26

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Underwater bondage Female torture

Little bdsm stories story: he chuckled as he reached between the cheeks of her ass to wiggle that big cock. Oh! Im soooo sorry! How insensitive of me! He burst out laughing so hard that it brought tears to his eyes and he started to cough. She heard the humming of motors and felt the center of the table rise and the front and back lower until her ass was a good foot and a half higher than her head and feet. The pressure in her ass was now doubled as the hard rubber cock pressed against the inside of her small and newly violated rectum. ..

21 year old Andy San Dimas is adorable. With some experience in BDSM, she likes feeling confined and powerless in bondage. Sandra Romain gets into Andy's head as she inflicts pain and sexually dominates her. Things gets a little crazy as Sandra instructs Andy to say what you would least expect during an orgasm denial. It's a hell of a right for Ms Dimas from start to finish.

Female torture

Genuine submission

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Posted: 05:48, 2009-Nov-26

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Pussy torture Ball torture

Little bdsm stories story: Well, I saw the your brochure and was. interested. But I would like to see them being used. You can only experience them here, and then purchase any of them you like afterwards. Normally not, but since we are friends, I would be happy to lead you through them. Dave then reached in the drawer and handed her a form to sign. Why this? she asked. This just allows me to take you into the main areas and show you the equipment. ..

Sinnamon Love does her second scene with Kym Wilde. This time she gets to play on the Sybian and be suspended by her wrists.

Ball torture

Real woman on woman power play

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Posted: 01:21, 2009-Nov-24

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Torture rack Free bondage

Little bdsm stories story: They spurred their horses and galloped out of town. That was really funny, Jane. I guess I was just bored, and seeing him pointing that shotgun at me kinda made me mad. Will rode a little bit behind Jane. After a couple of hours they stopped to rest the horses. As they walked up along a ridge Will motioned Jane to get down on the ground. There were a couple of dozen teepees and a fire burning in the center, being tended by a squaw. ..

Clarity is next in line to feel Kym's whip.

Free bondage

Watch these pain sluts get spanked, whipped, slapped, worship feet, smothered and forced to lick ass in bondage.

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Posted: 00:31, 2009-Nov-20

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Domination submission Bondage wizard

Little bdsm stories story: He french-kissed me deeply, staring into my eyes lustily, breathed in my ears, caressed my neck, and started back down my body. He moved back down to my stomach, then stroked my thighs, and stopped again. He finally began stroking in and around my vagina, carefully avoiding my clitoris, until I begged him again to let me come. I was exhausted, completely spent. He had only brought me to a climax, he was still hard and ready for action. ..

Dana was brand spanking new to S&M and was very nervous before the shoot. We discovered that her natural reaction to punishment was to giggle. After a hard breast whipping and a stinging crop to the thighs by Chanta, the giggles came to an end. She is finished off with a first time strap-on fucking.

Bondage wizard

Real S&M, pictures and videos of female domination, discipline, humiliation and whipping, spanking and caning.

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Posted: 06:38, 2009-Nov-16

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Clip spanking Bondage rape

A bit of bdsm stories story: Now, stand behind the chair and lower your underpants all the way to your knees. Carol grasped Steve's shirt tail and lifted it up out of the way above his hips. I want you to remember this the next time you decide to lie to me. Steve sharply exhaled and his mother continued. Carol replied, I have just gotten started. Steve, place your hands back on the chair or I will inform your father when he returns and you'll get another dose. ..

Bound in metal, sex with dildos, safe electro play, all tied up into one!

Bondage rape

An intense exploration in hardcore bondage.

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Posted: 04:56, 2009-Nov-12

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